Bot Skill: Team Availability

What this skill can do:

This Botskill is only available on pro plans and above. 

When a customer chats in through Drift, you may not always be around to respond. Luckily, you can configure Driftbot to help by going to App Settings > Driftbot > Team Availability. Here's what you can configure:

1. When Driftbot can help:

  • Routed Conversations: For all new bot conversations that have routed in somebody from your team
  • All Other Conversations: Only conversations started from the Welcome Message playbook or through Drift Profiles. 
If any teammate engages the visitor in chat from Drift's conversation view - the skill will cancel out and the bot will no longer jump in. Additionally, the "All Other Conversations" feature doesn't apply for any unrouted Leadbot conversations.

2. How long do you want Driftbot to wait before helping?

  • 30 seconds
  • 1 minute
  • 2 minutes
  • 5 minutes
  • 10 minutes

3. How can your Driftbot help?

  • Drop Calendar of agent routed
  • Route to a different agent
  • Leave an away message

4. The text for the away message

  • Example: "Just jumping in here -- looks like [agent] isn't available right now. You can schedule some time to chat with them here, or just leave a message and I'll make sure they get it"

How to set it up

1. Go to Settings > Driftbot to find all your bot skills


2. Click on Team Availability


3. Set up your bot!



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