Leadbot Skill: Auto-away messages

What this skill can do

When a customer chats in through Drift, you may not always be around to respond. Luckily, you can configure Driftbot to help. Here's what you can configure:

1. When Driftbot can help

  • All new conversations that have been routed from a playbook for the first time
  • Conversations routed from Welcome Message and that come in through Drift Profiles

If any teammate engages the visitor in chat from Drift's conversation view - the skill will cancel out and the bot will no longer jump in

2. How long Driftbot should wait before helping

  • 2 minutes
  • 5 minutes
  • 10 minutes

3. How Driftbot should help

  • Drop Calendar of agent routed
  • Route to a different agent
  • Leave an away message

4. The text for the away message

  • Example: "Just jumping in here -- looks like [agent] isn't available right now. You can schedule some time to chat with them here, or just leave a message and I'll make sure they get it"

How to set it up

1. Go to Settings > Driftbot to find all your bot skills

2. Click on Team Availability

3. Set up your bot!

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