Using Tags

Drift has two types of tags: contact tags and conversation tags.


Locating Tags

You can locate your tags in your settings by going to Conversations. 

Here you can add new contact or conversation tags. 

Contact tags vs. Conversation tags

Contact tags are tags that are associated with a person. Contact tags are used to surface important information in the conversations view and allow you to segment your database in Drift by hand-applied tags. You can apply a contact tag from any contact’s profile page.

This is the conversation preview in Drift where we surface tags for easy context. “Lead” is a tag I applied.


Conversation tags are tags that are associated with a conversation. Conversation tags are used to label a conversation under a specific topic so you can follow-up and count the number conversations associated with a topic. You can apply a conversation tag from any conversation page in Drift by clicking the little tag icon in your chat box.

Reporting: We have a "How conversations are being tagged report" which can be found in  Conversation Reports.


Adding Tags

You can add a conversation tag, in a conversation! Next to the Open/Close button there is a little tag icon, click there and choose your tag! 

Contact Tags and Conversation Tags will show in the conversation tag pop-up, make sure you choose the right one.

Filter Conversations and Contacts by Tags

In you contacts tab in Drift, you can filter contacts by tags by clicking on "Create a filter," and filtering by tags. 

For more information on filtering contacts to create a segment, check out this  help doc!


To filter conversations by tags in your inbox, click the status drop down and select "Custom Filter," choose your tag and apply.

We currently do not offer the ability to create segments based on conversation tags. 


Contact Tags cannot be applied in a Playbook. If you would like to apply tags using a Playbook, we recommend using attributes. For more on attributes, please check out this doc

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