Using Tags

Drift has two types of tags: customer tags and conversation tags.

Customer tags

Customer tags are tags that are associated with a person. Customer tags are used to surface important information in the conversations view and allow you to segment your database in Drift by hand-applied tags. You can apply a customer tag from any contact’s profile page.

Example tags: “Beta tester” or “VIP” or "Lead"

This is the conversation preview in Drift where we surface tags for easy context. “Beta Partners” is a tag I applied. The “chat” tag is automatically applied.

Conversation tags

Conversation tags are tags that are associated with a conversation. Conversation tags are used to label a conversation under a specific topic so you can follow-up and count the number conversations associated with a topic. You can apply a conversation tag from any conversation page in Drift by clicking the little tag icon in your chat box.

Example tags: “Billing issue” or “Bug”

In any conversation, you’ll see an option to add tags, as well as all the tags a conversation is already tagged with.

You can view and manage your tags at anytime from the Tags Page in the team settings.

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