Setting up the Default Greeting

You may have Playbooks that proactively greet your visitors, but what about pages on your site where there aren't any Playbooks?

This is where a Default Greeting can be extremely useful! Unlike Bot, Welcome Message, or other Playbooks, the Default Greeting presents reactively. Put differently, this is a message that will only display when a user clicks on the chat widget.

The Default Greeting is on by default, and cannot be turned on or off. It is there to make sure chats don't fall through the cracks, and you don't lose any leads!

See the Default Greeting in action.


Setting up your Default Greeting.

So how do you set up the Default Greeting? Easy! Simply click here and you will be brought to this page: 

Here you can set up your online and offline Default Greetings. Make sure you include a message that will greet both general site visitors and contacts to your site. When users initiate a chat from this message it will be routed to your main inbox and will be ready for you and your team to answer. 

You can also get a preview of what the default greeting will look like on your site on this page.

Routing the Default Greeting.

You also have the ability to select who the Default Greeting fires from. You can select either "Hand Picked" or "Randomly Chosen."

With "Hand Picked," you can select a single user to fire the greeting.

"Randomly Chosen" cascades through the following five tiers to intelligently select a user. This option will group up to three users into the Default Greeting, but won't fall to the next tier unless there are zero valid in a tier.

1) Highest priority routing rule members (enabled users & not 'Away')
2) Default lead routing rule members (enabled users & not 'Away')
3) Users who are not 'Away' (and have avatars)
4) Users who are not 'Away' (and do not have avatars)
4) Users who are 'Away' (and have avatars)
5) Users who are 'Away' (and do not have avatars) 

To put it even more simply, the three factors that go into generating a 'random' user are availability, avatar, and routing rules.

Finishing Up!

Turning the widget on to display the default greeting. This switch can be found here!

Finally, similar to a playbook, you can set up hours and targeting for the widget and you can do that here! You can set up the online and offline hours for the widget as well as the site visitors or contacts who you want to display the widget to. 

Now your chat widget is all set and ready to greet customers on your site!

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