Send an Outbound Email Sequence With Drift

As a Drift user, marketing teams hand hot leads to sales reps constantly after qualifying them through Leadbots and Playbooks. Occasionally, leads won't be ready to buy but sales will want to be able to contact them later to nurture them through an email sequence. 

Being handed great leads from chat is great for Sales teams who can close deals with CQLs, but nurturing leads with email  sequences are a traditional part of the Sales process that occurs outside of chat. 

Enrolling these contacts in nurturing sequences can help you get those contacts back onto your site and ready to buy! 

This process used to occur outside of Drift, until now.

You can now manually enroll leads from your contacts view into email sequences in Drift  or in Salesforce! 

Using Drift Sequences, you can manually enroll leads in a nurturing email flow that you can personalize and easily send out. 

This feature requires you download a Chrome Extension. Download the extension here! Or search for "Drift Chat" right in the Chrome Web Store.

Here's how to set it up: 

The Sequences you create will be under Playbooks in Drift. So the first thing you should do is create your Playbook in Drift. 

Set up the Outbound Sequence Playbook: 

Head to your Playbooks tab and hit the green "New Playbook" button and select "Email" to head to the Marketplace.

You'll want to create a "Sales Email Sequence with Gmail" playbook.

Customize your emails the way you'd like!

Don't forget you have some really cool customization options, including:

  • Personalization Tokens
  • Dynamic Calendar Links
  • Email Signatures of the rep who sends the sequence
  • Vidyard Video
  • Next Available Meeting Times\

When you add a link to your email sequence, we'll rewrite that link with an ID token so that you can know the visitor's email right when they drop on to your site after clicking the link. But, we only rewrite links to your Drift profile and company URL, so people won't be recognized following a link to another page you installed Drift on.

This eliminates the need to create multiple sequences for each rep! Calendar links, Signatures, and Meeting Times will change depending on who is sending the sequence.

When you add an email, you will have the ability to space out your sequences the way you'd like and decide whether or not to thread them together.

When you are done constructing your Sequence, dont forget to add a title to your Playbook, save your changes, and publish it out!

You can enroll a lead in a sequence in Drift and in Salesforce. We are going to go through how to do both, starting with Salesforce. 

Enroll a Lead in a Sequence from Salesforce 

Before you enroll a lead in a sequence in Salesforce, you will have to download our Google Chrome extension. You can do so here or check in your account settings here!

Once you have the extension downloaded, you can click on any contact or lead record you have in Salesforce. On their page, you should see a new button on their contact record that says "Enroll in Sequence"

From there, you will choose which sequence you want to enroll your lead into!

We only allow you to send 150 sequences a day so that you don't go over your Gmail limit. You can lift this limit on the Company plan in Settings under Conversations > Advanced.

Done! You enrolled your lead in your Drift sequence! ๐ŸŽ‰

Bulk Enroll Leads from Salesforce: 

If you want to add a list of contacts into a sequence, you can do so in Salesforce!

In your Salesforce Leads Page, you can select a list of leads you've configured.

From there, you can select all, or some, of the users on the list and enroll them in a sequence

From there, the process will be the same! You press "Enroll in Sequence" and choose the sequence you wish to enroll those users into from the menu

Bulk enroll in just TWO CLICKS? ๐Ÿ˜ฑ

Once you enroll your leads, you'll get a success message to make sure you know that your sequences were sent to the right people: 

Edit your Sequence from Salesforce: 

If you want to make sure to add more personalization to a Sequence before you send it out, you can edit your sequence in Salesforce! 

Make sure you only select one user on your list in order to edit the sequence. That will change the sequence for that one user so you can add your own touch to the sequence! 

Enroll a Lead in a Sequence in Drift: 

  • You can also manually bulk-enroll contacts in your Drift account into a sequence from the app itself! To start, head to your contacts view and choose the contacts you want to enroll in a sequence:
  • Click โ€œEnroll in Sequenceโ€
  • Choose which Sequence playbook youโ€™d like to enroll your users in.
  • When you click that button, you will be able to choose from a dropdown menu of sequences to send to that contact:

You should receive a confirmation message when you press "Enroll Now" and you'll be able to see the activity in the contacts feed: 

How a User Unenrolls or Unsubscribes to your Sequence: 

When a user responds to any of your emails in the sequence, they will be unenrolled from receiving any of the other emails in your sequence. 

Replying to an email isn't the only reason you'll want to stop sending somebody a sequence of emails. Maybe they booked a meeting, started a new email thread, or had a conversation with you on your website. With Drift Sequences, we make sure that your engaged leads stop getting your rep's emails.

If a user wants to unsubscribe from your email sequences, there will be email preferences at the bottom of your sequences where users can stop receiving your emails with one click: 

Closing the Loop: 

After a sequence is sent and the lead clicks on a link to your website from an email in that sequence, the rep's face will display to greet the lead and continue the conversation in real time! 

Additionally, if a rep tries to enroll a lead that's already in another sequence, we won't let them send it so your lead doesn't get spammed. We know you've all been there, and its no fun. 

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