Salesforce Routing

When you're using a tool to capture, qualify, and connect to our  the lead ownership should be based on my source of truth (Salesforce), so that your reps can focus on talking to their leads only and I don't have to worry about ownership problems and complications that come along with that.

This is available on  Drift  Pro Plans and above

This can be accomplished with Salesforce Routing! It will look a little something like this in your conversations view: 



When a conversation is started and your Drift account is integrated with Salesforce, we will ensure that the lead owner assigned to a contact in Salesforce will be added to the conversation.


If the owner changes the next time that same conversation is opened, the new person will be added!


Here's how it works:

Here's how to set it up:

  • You can set up your Salesforce routing rules by clicking here, adding a new rule, and connecting your Salesforce Account.


  • Add your Salesforce User and match it up to your Drift Teammate





  • Add a name to your routing rule and click Publish!


You will need to make sure that you add an email capture question in your LeadBot playbook, which will ensure that you can identify the person who is interacting with the Bot. Our system will then be able to look up the account owner for that email in Salesforce, and the appropriate person will be routed to the conversation.

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