Playbook: Build a Blog Subscriber List

When you put a lot of work into your blog, making sure you build your subscriber list is full of people who want to learn more about your product is important to have!

Adding an email capture CTA at the bottom of a blog post can be affective enough, but being able to proactively ask your blog visitors for their email can help you grow your subscriber list, and your MQLs. 

That’s why we created the Build a Blog Subscriber Playbook! Being able to grab the attention of your blog readers and add their emails to your subscriber list can also help you give MQLs to your sales team so they can reach out and close more deals!

This playbook is like a pre-packaged campaign template for your team to use to nurture blog visitors and qualify leads and ultimately, close those deals!


Where Can I Find Playbooks?

In your Drift Dashboard, you will notice a new section entitled Playbooks. It’s also now in your left hand sidebar!



Set Up Your Playbook


Let’s take this step-by-step:

The first thing you’re going to want to set up when you create your Playbook is the message that is shown to your users! We always pre-fill the fields to give you an example of a message you can send to your customers, but you can always personalize the message to tailor to your company! 



With this Playbook, you also add a "Thank you" message that shows once your blog visitor gives you their email! Again, we set a default message but you should always make sure the copy fits your company's brand! 



These previews are provided so you can see what your Playbook looks like before you send it!



Goals are used to qualify or disqualify people who interact with this campaign! That way your team can focus only on the best leads. The tag that you assign to that Goal will be applied to all the site visitors who gave you their email so that you know they interacted with this Playbook if they come back to your site!



You can always change the tag associated with the Goal by clicking on the field and typing your own Lead Stage!


Screen Recording 2017-08-15 at 02.30 PM.gif




Under Targeting you’ll see is Audience - Everyone. Here you can set your preference of which users will see your playbook. You can choose from “All Visitors," “Known Visitors Only,” “Anonymous Visitors Only,” or you can choose a custom segment of users  in your contacts.



Your third option, "Exclusion," can be used to exclude a certain segment or segments from seeing this playbook. This option is perfect for making sure your message gets to exactly the right people.

Lastly, you can choose any of your existing , you can create a new condition, or you have have your playbook be displayed “Always”. 

Click on the Pencil on the right of the text box to edit your targeting conditions! 



You can also edit your targeting conditions, add to them, or add a new condition set to the Playbook: 



Advanced Targeting: 

Set your Playbooks Frequency to have your Playbook deliver to your audience once, on every session, or on every page load! 


Enable your Playbook

Once you’re ready for your Playbook to go live, you can turn it on!


Screen Recording 2017-10-23 at 10.51 AM.gif


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