Online & Offline: Status vs. Mode

There are two different status Drift can have on your account: your Personal Agent Status and the Widget Mode.

Though both can be Online or Offline, these affect different areas of Drift. Read on for more! 

Widget Mode

The Widget Mode tells your users when your organization is online. You can’t be on chat 24/7, so the widget mode helps create an expectation of availability.

Widget Mode is helpful for targeting campaigns, displaying the widget itself, and determining which version of your Default GreetingWelcome Message Playbook, and other playbooks with targeting will be shown. 

Here is an example of the Online vs. Offline Welcome Message Playbook. 


You can set the widget mode manually or set it to function automatically. See below for an example of automatic hours.

This doesn’t mean you can’t answer chats. No matter the Widget Mode, you can still log on and respond to conversations. All it does is help create transparency between you and your customers when you are more likely to respond.


The ability to have the widget itself follow online vs offline hours with targeting is available starting on our paid plans. Welcome Message Playbooks on free plans will still respect online vs offline hours. 


If your widget is offline, your customers will see a notice (see below) that you are offline!



Your widget’s mode will not affect the status of your agents and vice versa, unless you have the following toggled on. In that case, when all users are away, Drift will go offline. 

Agent Status

You agent status is your personal availability. The purpose of this status is to handle how to notify and assign agents to conversations. Your status can be Available or Away.

You can do this by first clicking on your Profile Picture (bottom left hand corner) and selecting "Set yourself to Away/Available"

No matter what you status is, the mode of the widget will not be changed.

Learn even more here.

What Happens When I am set to "Away" but I am part of a routing rule? 

If you are set to "Away" then you will not be added to any conversations if you are a part of a round robin. This means that if you are using a Playbook like the Leadbot 2.0, your calendar will not be added to any conversations, either. 

However, if you are the singular agent being routed conversations as the result of a site visitor hitting a goal, then you will always be routed and your calendar will always drop regardless of your personal availability.

How Do These Work Together?

Think of it like a store.

The Widget Mode is the store’s hours. When it’s open (or online), it invites customers in and lets them know someone is available to help them. When it’s closed (or offline), it says someone isn’t here to help you right now – but feel free to leave a message!

You can flip the open and closed sign manually (change the Widget Mode manually) or you can have it follow regular business hours (setting up Online/Offline hours).

Your Agent Status is your personal availability in this this store. If you’re are Available, you are working greeting every customer that comes in. When you are Away, you are in the back room and not interacting with clients.

This it is important to consider both your widget status and your agent status when working with customers. If your widget is Online and creating the expectation of availability, it is not helpful to your customers if no one is online.

How Do We Do it at Drift?

Here at Drift we have the Widget set to follow our regular business hours. So when we aren’t in the office, our widget is set to offline! That doesn’t mean we aren’t still going in and checking conversations – we can still go in as needed.

As for our agent status, individual Drifters can change them as needed to show when they are available for conversations. We all take a “chat duty” here at Drift, where we set ourselves to Available and answer incoming conversations during the business day. When our chat duty is over, we change our status to Away. 

If you run into any trouble or have any questions, let us know. We’re here to help!


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