Online & Offline Settings (Setting up hours)

We know it’s not easy to have somebody attentive to chat 24/7, so we built the ability for you to set which hours you’re available.

  • When your widget is set to online, if somebody clicks to start chatting, they will enter a live conversation
  • When you're offline, if somebody clicks to start a conversation, they'll see an away message you can customize. When they submit their message, they'll be asked for their email address and see a thank you message.
  • The messages your visitors submit will show up in Drift and you can still respond at any time.
  • Edit your online message and the way the chat sidebar displays here.
  • Edit your offline message here.


Customization options





When somebody clicks to chat with you, they'll see a welcome message. You can edit the copy that says "Hey there! Any questions?" You can turn this welcome message on or off here.  



For controlling the faces and names, you will have two options:

  • Randomly Chosen: Whenever the welcome message appears, Drift will grab one random team member to display
  • Hand-picked: Choose up to three faces that Drift will cycle through when the welcome message displays (only one shows per session).

Choosing hours (here)


We let you choose one time-span each day for when chat is in online mode.







When your chat is offline, the welcome message will display with whatever you have set for your offline message. You can edit both the offline welcome message and the thank you message here.



If you have users coming back to your site to continue a conversation while your widget is turned Offline, do not fear! They will see a message that says you are offline as well as the email of the end user to which they can send a response when you come back online! The message appears at the bottom of the conversation and looks like this: 


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