LinkedIn Sales Navigator Integration

Drift is making it even easier for Sales Reps to connect with prospects and close more sales, with our LinkedIn Sales Navigator Integration! 

This integration is available on our Pro Plan and above and for customer who have Team or Enterprise Sales Navigator Licenses on LinkedIn.

Setting up the Integration: 

Set up the LinkedIn Sales Navigator Integration within your settings. Go to Settings > App Settings > Integrations > LinkedIn and connect! Or, click here!

This integration will auto-connect if you are logged into LinkedIn in the same browser. If not, you'll need to log in with your LinkedIn credentials.

Once set up, the LinkedIn Sales Navigator will show in the Conversation View Side Bar. 

How it Works: 

The Drift <> LinkedIn Sales Navigator Integration allows sales reps to see a prospect's profile, once an email is captured in a conversation, either automatically within a bot flow or manually by an agent!


Using the LinkedIn Sales Navigator Integration: 

Once an email is given, you will be able to...

Verify a Profile Match & View a Profile Overview

Click the ellipsis next to the contact's name to connect with them, message them, or mark the match as incorrect.

Get Icebreakers & See Connections

Icebreakers are a great way to initiate conversations. Icebreaker data can include

  • Shared connections - contacts you have in common
  • Work experience - shows you if you and a contact have worked at the same place
  • Education - shows if you and the contact attended the same school
  • LinkedIn Groups - shows if you and the contact belong to the same LinkedIn Groups

Send LinkedIn InMail

Simply click "More" and then "Message" to send the contact an InMail!

Request to Connect with Them: 

Click "More" and then "Connect" to send the contact an invitation to connect!


As always, chat in with any questions or feedback!

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