Limit Chats For Your Reps

Want know more about conversation limits? It's Drift’s newest feature that will help you stay on the same page as your customers and meet your response time goals. Here’s a quick walkthrough on what a chat limit is, how to set one up, and what it will look like for your team.



What is a chat limit?


The chat limit number that you set will be the maximum number of open conversations each team member on your account can have. Pending conversations will not count toward this max.


Open messages from any inbox apply. This maximum is for total open messages, not per inbox.


Setting a chat limit allows you to accomplish two goals:

  1. Set reasonable expectations with your customers to avoid them feeling frustrated and ignored
  2. Keep your team members from getting swamped with chats and let them focus on their current queue


This limit will be applied to every team member and can not be overridden while on.


How to set a chat limit


You can set your team-wide chat limit by navigating to your Settings and clicking on the Conversations tab. From there, just put a number in the blank box under the “Limit Chats for your Reps” heading and toggle it on!



Typical workflow

Alright, time to get into the nitty gritty of what this actually means for your team. When a team member is online and below their chat maximum, their status indicator is green and clicking on their avatar in the lower left looks normal.





Once a team member hits their maximum number of open chats, their status indicator will turn yellow and clicking on their avatar will reveal a pane that looks like this:


From here, a user can set themselves to the normal Away status (more on that here) and won’t receive more chats until they are below the limit and set to Active again. Clicking “Get to it!” will bring the user to their conversation view so they can get to work on their open chats and start receiving more.




And that’s it! Now it’s easier than ever to manage your customers’ expectations and let your team focus on their current conversations.


Want to make sure your chats are being routed to the best possible team member? Click here!

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