Lead Stage Classification

Classifying prospects with a lead stage is a super useful way of both sorting and labeling your contacts based on their interactions with a Playbook.

You have the option of setting lead stages when prospects hit a certain Goal within your Playbook, or you can even set them in-line! You can use Lead Stages to prioritize your responses within the Conversation View and even send tailored emails to specific users by building a segment with Lead Stages. 

In this doc, we'll tell you how to 

  1. Set up lead stages in a Bot Playbook
  2. Utilize lead stages in our Pop Over Playbooks
  3. Create a segment based on lead stage
  4. Show lead stages in action


Lead Stage Setup: Bot Playbooks 

From within the visual builder, you can set lead stage from both within a Goal or you can do it in-line.


From a Goal

Select an existing goal within the builder or add a new one by clicking 'Add new' in the upper right hand corner. Once inside, click "Lead Stage" and either choose an existing lead stage or start typing to create a new one!


Adding lead stages in-line

Hover your cursor over any line that branches from a Question and click the '+.' You'll be able to choose from your existing lead stages or just start typing to create a new one! 



You can't set a lead stage directly after a Skill.

Lead Stage Setup: Pop Over Playbooks

Select any existing Playbook or choose a create a new one from the Playbook Marketplace. Once inside the Playbook, simply click on "Engaged" under "Goals." You can select any of your existing lead stages or type to create a new one! 


Using Lead Stage Classification to Create Segments

Building segments off of lead stage classifications can be helpful when sending email Playbooks to groups of people with the same attributes.

Within the Contacts view, click "Create Filter,"  then "Attribute,"' then "Lead Stage." Then, select your desired conditions, name your segment, and click "Save as Segment."

Lead Stage in Action!

Lead Stage label in Conversation View:


"Lead Stage" classification in Contacts view:


Within the Contact Details view:


As always, if you have any questions, let us know! :)

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