Knowledge Base and Help Doc Support Integrations

To match the way that people buy today, most businesses have some type of knowledge base or collection of help docs. But let's face it -- even with a help doc for every possible question someone could ask, people will still always contact support.

That's where Drift's intelligent messaging comes in. Now, when someone writes in via chat on your website (or inside of your app), our bot will help surface relevant help docs you have created using the Help: Article Lookup function! Let our bot take all of the questions that you already have the answers to and save your time and energy for other questions.

This feature is available on all paid plans. 

We currently integrate with the following knowledge bases:

  • HelpDocs
  • HelpScout
  • Wordpress
  • Zendesk

Set up your knowledge base integrations in your Drift account here. Keep reading to learn how to connect each app!


All you need for HelpDocs is your Docs API key to connect! 

Need help finding your Docs API key for HelpDocs? Check out this Managing API Keys doc. 


All you need to connect your HelpScout knowledge base is your Docs API key! Just enter it in the field and click 'Connect Account.'


Need help finding your Docs API key for HelpScout? Check out this Managing API Keys doc. 



In order to connect to your Wordpress knowledge base, all we need is the full URL. One step and you're done! 



Fill in your organization's name in Zendesk. Log into your Zendesk account when prompted, and you are connected 💯




You're all set! Make the most out of Drift Bot's help skills and check out these trainings

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