Issues That Could Arise When Syncing Lists with Drift ABM

When you are syncing account lists from Salesforce into Drift, specifically, there are a few issues that could arise during this process. 

The Problem: You are syncing your Account Lists and the sync is capping at 2,000 (2K) accounts. 

So what happens here is that Salesforce has a hardcoded limit of how many entries can be exported out of its system at one time. up to the first 2000 entries, which are retrievable in a report api call at any one time.  There is no means of retrieving any list after the first 2000 are synced.

The Workaround/Solution:  The primary work around is to upload Account Lists from Salesforce that include less than 2,000 entries. You can split up your account lists which go above that limit and import multiple lists, you can import as many lists as you'd like! 

The Problem: You ran into an error! Oh no! Not to worry, we allow you to download a CSV of the accounts that were throwing an error so you can correct them without having to re-upload all of your lists! 

The Workaround/Solution: An error could occur for three reasons: 

1. The salesforce owner isn't  or there is no salesforce owner attribute.  This is something you'll need to do in order to make sure the right person is routed to the conversation! 

2. Your account doesn't have a website in the website field in Salesforce. You will need to add that as a field and then resync your list 

3. Your account doesn't have an account name! This information needs to be included in your list in order to be synced properly. 

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