Install Drift on Wix

Through some help from one of our customers, we've finally come up with a solution for people who are trying to install Drift on their Wix sites!

Grabbing the Code from Drift

  1. First off, you'll need to sign up for the account here if you don't already have one.
  2. Upon signing up and entering the needed info, you'll reach a page that gives you two options, one that says 'I'll install it myself' and one that says 'Send to a teammate'.
  3. Click the button that says 'I'll Install it myself', and once you click that, you'll be lead to another page that gives you the option to choose kind of website host you're putting the widget on and how to do so (e.g. Wordpress, Shopify, etc.).
  4. You can then click on the option that says 'Javascript', and copy the snippet. Make sure you leave this page opened, and then go to your Wix site on another tab.


If you already have an account, go to Settings > App Settings > Chat Widget > Install

Here, simply click on the Javascript drop down!


Installing the Widget on Wix

From within your editor, click on the Settings button in the top toolbar

Then find the Tracking Tools & Analytics option. 


Click + New Tool and pick Custom. 

In the Custom Code window, follow these instructions so it looks like the image below.

  1.  Paste your Drift code snippet into the first section
  2.  Name the tool - we recommend calling it "Drift"
  3.  Add the code to All Pages - we can customize this option from within Drift
  4.  Place contents in Head

Select Apply and save your changes to be all set!

Confirm Drift is Installed on Wix

Now that Drift should be installed on your Wix site, return to the Drift page that you have open in the other tab, and enter in your site URL to confirm that Drift is properly installed.


As of now, #DriftLinks will only work when opened in a new tab. We are working on a way to improve this experience. 


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