How to Write an Effective Welcome Message

The first message that your users see when they come to your site is important and should grab their attention! That's why we think your Welcome message should be exciting, engaging, and make your site visitors want 

to chat with you. Here are some tips from the Drift team on how to create an effective and engaging welcome message!

First thing's first: 

Where can I find the Welcome Message?  The welcome message can be edited in your Chat widget settings: 

Next, what should my welcome message say? 

We think you should ask your site visitors a question they actually want to answer, rather than a passive message. 

We bet that if your welcome message said "I'll pay you $500 to respond to this chat" your inbox would be FLOODED with users looking to chat with you. 

Now you dont have to be giving away $500 to ever user who chats in but you do want to be able to capture your site visitors attention in the same way. 

Quick tips: 

  • Be succinct. Don't greet your site visitors with a paragraph they're not going to read. Make your message short and sweet
  • Appeal to your users! Ask them something that has to do with them being your customer or potential customer!
  • Don't be too formal. A formal greeting is never that inviting to users and they may think that their question or query is not worth it for you.
  • Have fun with it! Get creative! One of our users asked their customers the name of their pet as an intro question for their pet subscription service and their engagement went through the roof! People want to talk to you, just ask them the right question!
  • Set expectations! If your team takes a bit to respond, make sure people know that when they chat in with you, so they aren't waiting on a response thinking they're being ignored. That leads to unhappy site visitors and potential lost sales, and no one wants that!

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