Install Drift with Google Tag Manager

Setting up Drift in Google Tag Manager is easy. These steps will get you setup to engage with your website visitors, if you'd like to track your identified users - you need to take the additional step of sending in user info via our Javascript SDK

Here’s how to install Drift right via Google Tag Manager in only a few minutes…

1) From the onboarding page, select to install Drift via JavaScript

2) Copy the JavaScript code that you see on this page

3) In Google Tag manager, choose to create a new tag

4) Click to create a “Custom HTML Tag”

5) Paste the Drift code in the “Configure Tag” section

6) Choose to fire on “All pages” unless you’d like to do something else 😃. Click to “Create Tag” and name it.

7) After creating the tag, publish it and you’re good to go!

8) If you are looking for the code that you can use to track specific Drift events like 'Conversation started, 'meeting booked', or 'email captured', you can use this help doc to find those scripts!

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