How to Create Dynamic Segment from Lead Stages Assigned from a Playbook

As site visitors interact with playbooks, there will be a point where you want them to hit a specific "Goal." As visitors reach these goals, whether it is to click on your CTA, start a conversation, or schedule a meeting, you can tag them by tying a Lead Stage to that goal.

You can then create Dynamic segments from the known users who have interacted with your Playbook! This can help you engage users you know have interacted with past Playbooks follow up messages, personalized playbooks, or email sequences.

You can create this segment in your Drift account by following these instructions: 

  • First, go to your Contacts View in the Drift app and click "Add a Filter"

  • Here you can choose from contact Properties, Events, and Playbooks. Lead Stage is located under Property
  • In the Contains field, you can type in the Lead Stage associated with a certain Playbook Goal to create your dynamic segment!

  • When you click the "Add Filter" button, you will see a list of all your contacts who are tagged with a certain Lead Stage. Don't forget to Save your Dynamic Segment and give it a good name, you wont forget!
  • From there, you have a new Dynamic Segment of users you can find in the Targeting section in the playbook builder.

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