How to Create and Map Custom Attributes in Salesforce

If you use the Salesforce Integration, there are some attributes you might want to map that are not defaulted in the Drift app. 

These attributes are important for your sales team, so being able to track them in Drift AND transfer them over to Salesforce is important for your workflow. 

These custom attributes can actually be mapped with the or in the backend, and transferred over to Salesforce in a few steps that you can do in the Drift app!  

If you are just getting started with Drift, you can upload a CSV of contacts that are assigned a certain attribute in the CSV. If you are already a Drift user and are looking to add custom attributes to your workflow now, you can skip this section! 

Upload CSV and Assign Your Attribute to a Drift Attribute

Upload a CSV of Contacts

Map your CSV Columns to Attributes in Drift

You can always customize the Drift Attribute too!


Make sure to finish your import after you're done! 

Mapping Custom Attributes in Salesforce 

Go to your Salesforce Integration Settings

Screen Recording 2017-08-07 at 04.36 PM.gif

Match the attribute you're tracking in the backend to a Salesforce field and click "Update Mapping" when you're done!

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