How to Bulk Enroll Calendars from Outlook

Depending on the way your company has set up their Outlook 365 calendars, it may be a good option to have your admin bulk enroll your calendars to Drift. Here's how to do it! 

Making the Connection

Navigate to Settings > App Settings > Calendars and click "Connect Calendars"

That will trigger this screen: 

From there, the admin must sign into the o365 GLOBAL ADMIN account for their company. The account they sign in with must be a global admin account for this feature because we will need permissions to retrieve information for all users within Microsoft.

Once signed in, Drift will check each Outlook Calendar to see if a Drift user matches with the exact same email address. It will then retrieve all matched calendars. 

Calendar Management

From this point on, all connected calendars will be able to book meetings! Users can personalize their calendar settings by going to My Settings > My Calendar

In order to add another calendar or disconnect current calendars, the admin will have to again access Settings > App Settings > Calendars.

Questions? Let us know! 


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