How do I exclude my company from seeing Drift?

When you are using Drift to communicate with your customers, there is a way to exclude your own company from seeing Drift on your site. You can block your company's IP address. This will cause two main things to happen which declutter your workflow:

  1. Colleagues won't show up in Live View 
  2. Colleagues can't send messages which deliver and reach your Inbox.


The steps to achieving this are relatively easy. First, have someone from your company chat into Drift. Second, find their conversation from within the Agent inbox view. Third, click the gear icon on the top right of the screen and choose "Block this user". You will need to confirm that you want to block them. 

For more information about blocking users in general, visit this guide.

Even if you choose to block your company's IP, they will still be able to see the Drift chat widget and playbooks. If you want to prevent them from seeing Drift at all, then you will need to use Display conditions to exclude the IP address in Targeting. 


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