Drift Bot for Help - Article Lookup and Ticket Creation

Drift Bot has a host of helpful abilities so you can automate 100% of your support. We call these Help: Article Lookup, Help: Ticket Creation, and Help: Article Lookup and Ticket Creation. Below, we go through each one to explain what they do, how they look within the builder, and the bot's question flow. Click here to set it up now!

Within this article, we'll break down

  1. The Help: Article Lookup capability, which allows you to serve help docs to your customers
  2. Supported knowledge base integrations
  3. The Help: Ticket Creation capability, which empowers customers to create support tickets within a bot flow
  4. Supported integrations for Help: Ticket Creation
  5. The Help: Article Lookup and Ticket Creation combined ability
  6. How to Enable Drift Bot for Help
  7. Things to Note
Help: Article Lookup is available on all paid plans.
Help: Ticket Creation and Help: Article Lookup and Ticket Creation are available on our Pro plan and above.

Don't feel like reading? Check out this training that will teach you how to:

  • Connect Drift to your knowledge base and ticketing system
  • Automatically create Zendesk tickets within Playbooks
  • Implement Drift Bot for Help to a bot flow

You can access this training through this link here

Help: Article Lookup

When a site visitor engages with your Playbook, Drift Bot can be enabled to automatically share articles based on what the visitor's message says.

Using an algorithm, the bot searches for articles whose title and body text match terms in the visitor's message and sends them the top results while waiting for someone from your team to help out.

Within the Visual Builder of your Bot Playbook, adding Article Lookup will insert a node.
If you hover your cursor over the "How can we help?" box, you can customize the bot's call to action!
Here's what Drift Bot's message looks like when we type "test" into our testing environment:
After the bot sends the relevant articles, it asks "Did this help?" with thumbs up and thumbs down buttons. If the site visitor clicks thumbs up or types "yes," the bot will respond and then automatically close the conversation.
If someone clicks the thumbs down or says "no," the bot responds "Sorry about that."
For those who are more visual, here's the full design flow! 

Drift Bot can also answer questions with Article Lookup in Welcome Messages.

When using the Welcome Message, if someone clicks the thumbs down or says "no," the bot responds "Sorry about that. If you have another question, I'd love to help."

From here, customers can select "Human Please" to chat with a human, or they can type another question and the bot will once again search for helpful articles based off of keywords that it identifies.

For more information on integrating Help: Article Lookup with your Welcome Message Playbook click here.


Help: Article Lookup Integrations

Article Lookup works with Zendesk, HelpScout, Wordpress, HelpDocs, and Drift Help hosted articles. You can connect one of these external document management services via our knowledge base integration here.

Article Lookup is of course also compatible with articles hosted in the Drift Knowledge Base.

Don't have any articles on the Knowledge Base yet? Don't worry - click here.

Help: Ticket Creation

Ticket Creation enables your users to create a support ticket right within your ticketing system.

Your bot will ask visitors for their email address, if you don't have it already, then give them the opportunity to provide a brief description of their issue. They can then add additional information or even change the subject of the ticket! Once they're satisfied with the content, they receive a bot response that someone from your team will follow up by email! 

Within the Visual Builder of your Bot Playbook, adding Ticket Creation will insert a node where you can edit the bot's call to action just like Article Lookup.

Check out Ticket Creation in action! 

Here's the full flow!

For our users integrated with Zendesk, tickets will be created as internal notes so that when you respond, customers will not see the content of the ticket or the conversation that they created within your Drift account. 


You can also create tickets directly inside of conversations using a slash command. If you type in "/ticket" inside the conversation view the bot will automatically create a ticket. Anything you type after ticket will become the title of the ticket, ex. "/ticket This is the title of my ticket"

Help: Ticket Creation Integrations

Ticket Creation works with any ticketing platform.

You can connect to Zendesk by selecting them from the dropdown in Drift Bot settings, hitting "Connect", and then entering your organization's domain name in the knowledge base integrations page after starting the connection flow. If you have previously connected to Zendesk you may see a "Reconnect" button which will allow you to reconnect to your Zendesk account so that Drift Bot can now create tickets in addition to looking up articles.

To connect to all other ticketing platforms we utilize email forwarding. To use email, just select it from the dropdown and provide your organization's support email. This works with Salesforce, Jira, Freshdesk, Intercom, and all known ticketing platforms. You can use an email provided by these systems or an email address from your own organization. 

Email forwarding will only work with an email account associated to your organization or with a known ticketing platform.

You can also use ticketing inside of a welcome message by enabling it in the checkbox above. The bot will then automatically ask visitors for their email information, if it doesn't have that already, and then ask if them about their issue to create a ticket. This will apply after article lookup in the welcome message if article lookup is turned on. Otherwise it will always fire when a customer starts talking to the bot.

Help: Article Lookup and Ticket Creation

Help: Article Lookup and Ticket Creation is an all-in-one capability to handle 100% of support questions. It will allow you to handle both serving up your help documentation and creating support tickets directly within your Bot flow.

And....here's the design flow!

Enable Drift Bot to Automate Your Support

Now that we've covered what the bot can do, let's get started!

For users on the Pro plan and above, simply navigate to your Drift Bot page in Settings > Drift Bot or click here. Scroll down to "Help - Article Lookup and Ticket Creation," then connect your knowledge base to enable Article Lookup and either connect to Zendesk or give Drift your support email to enable Ticket Creation!

For users on the Standard plan, please visit https://app.drift.com/help/settings/article-lookup to configure Help: Article Lookup. You'll see a page like the one below!

Things to Note - Warning Messages

If you are building a ``bot Playbook, but haven't yet enabled Help: Article Lookup and Ticket Creation within your Drift Bot settings, you'll see a warning message when you try to add them in the builder. No worries, you can just click on the warning message to go to your Drift Bot settings and turn them on! Or, click here

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