How to suggest help center articles with Driftbot

Drift Help comes with a bot skill that can help automate your support by automatically serving up articles to your site visitors that chat in.

The bot skill is available on all plans. 


What It Does

When a site visitor chats in, Driftbot can be enabled to automatically share articles based on what the visitor's message says.

For more info on your welcome message, click here.

Here's what Driftbot's message looks like when I typed "test" into our testing environment:
Using an algorithm, the bot searches for articles whose titles and body text match terms in the visitor's message and sends them the top results while waiting for someone from your team to help out.
After the bot sends the relevant articles, it asks "Did this help?" with thumbs up and thumbs down buttons. If the site visitor clicks thumbs up or types "yes," the bot will respond and then automatically close the conversation.
If someone clicks the thumbs down or says "no," the bot responds "Sorry about that. If you have another question, I'd love to help." From here, customers can select "Human Please" to chat with a human, or they can type another question and the bot will once again search for helpful articles based off of keywords that it identifies. The bot will loop indefinitely until a customer asks for a human or until a member of your support team chats with them.

What It's Compatible With

The Help Driftbot is of course compatible with articles hosted on Drift Help.

Don't have any articles on Drift Help yet? Don't worry - click here.

In addition, it works with Zendesk, HelpScout, Wordpress, and HelpDocs hosted articles. You can connect one of those document management services via our knowledge base integration here.


Enable Driftbot to Automate Your Support

Now that we've covered what this bot skill does, let's turn it on. Enabling it is easy - simply navigate to your Driftbot page in Settings > Driftbot or click here. Scroll down to the Suggest Help Articles skill and toggle it on!


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