How to Use the Drift Mobile App

The Drift mobile app ("Drift for Sales") is an awesome tool for managing conversations, engaging with customers, and collaborating with teammates. It’s available on iOS and Android devices and is a great alternative to our web app for on-the-go chatting and inbox management. There’s three main features in our mobile app, listed and explained below.

  1. My Conversations Tab
  2. Getting Support with Drift
  3. Availability Settings and Notifications

My Conversations Tab

The main use for the Drift mobile app is to view and manage your conversations. All conversations with site visitors will appear in your My Conversations tab.

You can select an inbox to view in the top right corner of the screen. Once selected, all conversations in the given inbox will appear in your view.

You can also set filters for your conversation view. You can filter your feed based on “My Conversations” (only the conversations you are routed into), “Open Conversations” (all conversations on your site), “Pending” (conversations considered to still be in process), “Closed” (all archived conversations), and so on.

Conversations appear in order from newest to oldest on your feed.

Inside a conversation, a series of interactive skills lie right above the text box. You can drop a calendar (yours or a teammate’s), attach images or files, send internal notes between teammates, and insert saved replies.

Note: You can not attach files or images in the  first message of the conversation. 

You can also access customer profiles in-app. When you click on the site visitor’s name at the top of the conversation, their profile will open. Here, you can view all of the information that you’ve collected on the site visitor. For all of your contacts, you can add tags, follow or unfollow the user, set or update their CQL score, and view their entire conversation history with your site.

Get Support with Drift

Just like our web version, you can chat into our support team whenever you'd like! You can find Drift Support when you tap on your icon in the top left corner of the app and tap where it says, "Have questions? Chat with us."

Availability Settings and Notifications

The settings tab is super simple and allows you to set your availability, status, and notifications.

As an admin user, you can set your Drift Online status between the manual and automatic settings (defined in your team availability settings on Drift's web version). This defines whether your Drift account will act as being online or offline, according to your automatic rules or based on your manual setting.

Individual teammates can set their status to either online or away, which will determine whether online or offline automated messages are sent and whether or not they’ll be eligible to be routed into conversations.

Notifications can be adjusted in-app, too. These notification settings are completely separate from your browser notification settings, and strictly pertain to mobile notifications.

You can set notifications on and off, adjust the alert sound, and set which occasions that you’d like to receive notifications for. 

As always, we're available if you have any questions! 

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