Drift Profiles - Advanced settings

Want to level-up your Drift Profile? Here's how to get more.

Advanced calendar settings

  • Buffer Time: This is the amount of time that must be empty on your calendar in order for a next meeting to be booked to make sure that you have time in case calls run late. For example, if your buffer time is 15 minutes, that means if you have a meeting from 2:00 - 2:30, the next available meeting that somebody can book on your calendar will be 2:45.
  • Minimum Notice Time: This is the minimum amount of time that it needs to be from now (the moment somebody is trying to book you) before somebody can book a next meeting with you. For example, if your minimum notice time is 30 minutes and it's currently 2:53pm, the next available slot will be for 3:30pm so that somebody doesn't book you at 3pm and you have time to prepare for the call.

Additional settings for your profile:

  • Avatar
  • Name
  • Profile URL (team.drift.com/MATT)
  • Title
  • Short Bio / Quote (This is a quick one-liner that explains who you are and what you do)
  • Calendar Link
  • Social Profiles
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • SoundCloud
  • Skype
  • Extended Bio (This will display at the bottom of your profile)
  • Interests
  • Fun Fact
  • Education
  • Blog URL
  • Podcast URL
  • Languages you speak

Even more in your :

  • Company Name
  • Company Website URL (which will automatically be linked from your Profile Page)
  • Company Drift URL (This is the beginning of the URL for your pages - YOURCOMPANY.drift.com/matt
  • NOTE: If you change this and you've already sent your personal links to people, all of your team's links will no longer work and you need to start giving out the updated link. Same thing happens if you change your Drift profile URL (the yourcompany.drift.com/MATT part)
We  STRONGLY recommend setting your URLs once at the beginning of your profile setup and never touching them again.

Other ways to share your profile:

  • Through the Widget API, you can make a link or button anywhere on your site open up the scheduling flow via Drift. You'll want to use the api.scheduleMeeting(driftUserId); method. You'll need to ask us for your Drift User ID to pick which calendar to trigger. Just ask us and we'll gladly provide it!
  • Sharing a direct link that automatically triggers the scheduling flow. You can add ?schedule or another custom link for a different meeting type to the end of your profile URL and going to that link will automatically open a new conversation with the bot asking the visitor to book a meeting with you.


A few other important things to know...

By default, all of the colors on this page match the styling colors of your widget. Go here to update those

By default, all profiles will have Drift branding in the corners of the page. If you're on the Pro Plan or up, you can remove all branding on your styling settings page.

At the moment, all campaigns are disabled on these pages to make sure that only your team member's face ever displays on their profile page. Let us know if you disagree with our decision to do that.

If anybody starts a conversation on one of these profiles, the conversation will automatically be assigned to that person whose page it is. You'll also see in the source URL at the start of a conversation that the visitor is starting a conversation from a profile page.

There is one Drift Bot flow that is disabled on all profile pages, which is the flow where it asks the visitor who they'd like to talk to. Obviously, they want to talk to the person whose profile they're on!

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