Drift Notifications Best Practices

Do you have Drift set up, but can't seem to figure out why you're not receiving certain notifications?

Here we'll break down the best practices for making sure you receive the notifications you want to receive!

Note: Your settings options on the left will look different if you're an admin of your account.

Drift can send Notifications in three ways: Email, Browser (in the top corner of your screen), and Mobile Push (You must have our iPhone or Android apps installed and be logged in in order for this to work). 

If you'd like to learn more about how Drift Notifications work, you can do so here

Notifications should be configured in the Web app. If you turn on notifications on the mobile app, but they're not configured in the Web app, you won't get notifications.

Now, let's say your Drift Notifications are enabled, but you don't seem to be receiving the notifications that you want to receive.

First, follow any warnings that show in your account to point out settings issues. For example: 

For more information, below is a FAQ/Troubleshooting section to help make sure you receive the right notifications.

Not receiving push notifications in Drift?

There's a number of reasons you may not be receiving these:

  1. Your phone or computer is in do not disturb mode
  2. You have the Drift mobile app currently open
  3. You have push notifications disabled for the Drift app in the Android or iOS settings for your phone
  4. You are actively logged into app.drift.com on your computer and have moved your mouse or typed something in the last 30 seconds
  5. The conversation was assigned to somebody else automatically and your settings are so that you only get notified of conversations assigned to you
  6. You have push notifications turned off in your settings
  7. You're either not logged into your mobile app or you're logged into a different account than the one you're expecting a notification for
  8. You've turned off your notification via the little bell icon you can see when you click on your avatar

To make sure you are receiving notifications in your Browser, have the Drift app running in the background. This will allow us to send you push notifications!

You can view and update your notification settings here.  By default, you will get notifications to all of these channels.

Do you have the Drift app running in the background, but still don't receive push notifications?

Check that they are enabled in your browser.


Want to be notified about every single message?

  1. Go to your Notification Settings
  2. Set your Notification Settings to 'All Conversations'
  3. Now you will be notified even when you are not a participant in the chats.

I was getting email notifications but now they stopped. Why?

If all of your settings are turned on to receive email notifications, you may no longer get emails if something in your email servers caused one of our emails to bounce. Our system automatically stops sending email notifications to accounts where emails bounce so we don't wind up in future spam folders. If you've exhausted all reasons as to why you might not be getting emails from Drift anymore, let us know and we can take a look.

Lastly, here are some tips we have on making sure you receive all the notifications you want to receive!

  1. Set your Notification Settings to 'All Conversations'
  2. Make sure your Drift app is running in the background when you're on your computer.
  3. Make sure your Drift Mobile Notifications are turned on in your Mobile Device when you're using Drift on your mobile device.
  4. Make sure your Browser Notifications are enabled.
  5. Make sure your Push Notifications are turned on
  6. Make sure your Phone or Computer are not set to 'Do Not Disturb' mode. This will guarantee that you won't receive notifications!
  7. You are logged in to the correct Drift account in your Drift app on your Computer and/or on your Mobile Device.

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