Drift Help Reports

Drift Help Reports

So you have been using Drift Help and utilizing the Help Center Bot Skill to help answer your customers questions and automate your support team but you want to know just how helpful this Bot Skill is. Drift Help has reports accessible to you and your team to show just how helpful your Help Center is!

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Questions Answered by the Bot

The Bot Skill is always working and is always answering questions but you may want to know just how many questions the bot is answering and answering successfully. This report shows you just that.

So when customers select these thumbs up and thumbs down responses in chat, where do you see the response data? How many articles are being answered successfully by the bot? Look no further than the Drift Help Center Reports page. Here you can filter out how many conversations the bot skill has successfully closed.
Here you are able to filter out bot closed conversation by days, weeks, and months!

Article Feedback

Interested in seeing how helpful your customers find your articles? We have built article feedback right into our articles! At the bottom of every article you will see buttons with a thumbs up and a thumbs down. Like this:

Your customers can view help documents and at the end of reading can answer whether or not the content of the article was helpful. If a customer decides that the content is helpful and hits the thumbs up, they are all set. If customers select the thumbs down, Drift Bot is there to ask what questions people may still have so that you can help out your customers and level up your documents!

When looking at the articles in their sections, you are able to see the percentage of thumbs up/thumbs down votes your articles have received. This can help you identify which articles may need an update.

Google Analytics Integration


On top of all of the analytics that are available in Drift Help, you can also integrate your Drift Help Center with your Google Analytics account. Integrating your two accounts is as easy as dropping your Google Analytics tracking ID into the text field available for it in your Help Center Settings.

The Google analytics integration puts tags on all your Help Center pages and allows you to see exactly what pages your customers are looking at, how long they are looking at them, what terms customers are searching, and more.

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