Contacts, Segments, and Imports

If you have clicked over to the Contacts section recently, you will notice there is a new layout to the page. Not much has changed in functionality, but we have significantly revamped the UI.

This layout is currently available on all plans pro and below. 

When you land on the page you will see the columns of Contacts, Actions, Email, Last Active, Lead Stage, and Last Contacted.

  • Contact: here you will see all your contacts you have within your Drift contacts. To the right of the page, you can also "Search your Contacts" to focus in on a more concentrated group of contacts or an individual contact.
  • Actions: As a user, you can review the contacts name, email, timezone, locale, lead stage, and segments. A sidebar will pop out on the right side of the page to give a brief overview rather than having to leave the page. 
    • The trash can is where you can do a single deletion/archive of a contact
  • Email: The email address of the contact.
  • Lead Stage: This shows you the lead stage assigned to the contact at a glance.
  • Last Contacted: the last time Drift contacts them whether it was in a playbook or any type of event within Drift


Action Bar: 

This is a quick at a glance pop out to relay some surface level information about the contact for you without having to click into the contact itself. 


Manage Contacts:

Add Single Contact: If you want to quickly add a contact, select "Add Single Contact." Here you will be prompted to put in the email, first name and last name of the contact. 

Import CSV:

This will bring you to the imports section of the contacts page. You can upload a CSV of contacts from any source on this page. 

Export CSV:

The Export CSV of all contacts will send you an email of all your contacts in an excel file. Make sure to check all your folders for the email. If the file is exceptionally large, the email may take an hour or more to send.

Selecting a contact

Upon selecting a contact (clicking on the check box next to a contact) you will have options to choose from. You can select allsave a static segment of these contacts, enroll these contacts in a sequence, delete the selected contacts, and clear the selection

Creating a Filter

In order to create a segment of contacts, you need to pick an attribute to filter these contacts by. You can pick from three categories to filter your contacts into a segment. These categories are:

Attribute: A property either automatically assigned or manually added to a contact such as name, email, lead stage, etc. 

Event: An event that a contact has (or has not done) in Drift. Examples of this would be clicking on a call to action or booking a meeting.

Playbook Event: These are events that a contact complete within a playbook such as hitting a goal, or clicking a button. 


Create a Segment

Once a key feature is added you are able to add more attributes or events to further filter and get more granular with your segment. After you have added all of the attributes or events you would like this segment to filter by, you can save your segment as either a dynamic segment or a static segment. A dynamic segment can be updated constantly and a static segment will remain the same unless contacts are manually added to it by a Drift user. 



Segments Page

Segments now have their own page where they can be filtered by name. You can see who created each segment and delete or archive each segment. 




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