Contact View and Sidebar Tab

Contact view and the contact sidebar feature help give the user information on who is chatting in. We are able to surface the most relevant information for the end user.
The information that you are seeing in conversation are coming from the websites IP address, Clearbit, and the contacts information from Drift.

Person Chatting In

When you are chatting with the end user, we are able to pull the most relevant information about this person and their company so you know who you are talking to.

How do we receive this information? Cookies help us to figure out where the user is coming from, also Clearbit and MadKudu help us learn more. There is a list below that will provide what information you will be receiving.

  • Company name
  • LinkedIn source
  • Number of employees
  • How valuable the company is (In the photo: Very Good)
  • Location of the company
  • Where they came from
  • Who else is involved with the chat (previous or current)

Actions in Conversation View

At the top right the "Action" button will give you the ability to export the conversation.

    Company/Person Info

    On the right side bar, you'll receive the latest data about the company and present the most relevant details so you can further qualify leads. Let's break it down.
    Who Am I Talking To?
    The new profile section includes social links, links to company's social media, local time and location, online status and email. This information's coming from the cookies once again.
    CQL Scores
    The CQL Score gives the user an idea of how well this customer is scored. With MadKudu, multiple factors give the overall score, but it is decided off the companies, capital raised, employee count, GDP, industrial revenue, and tech on website.
    Conversation Details
    Help troubleshoot issues and verify browser/OS compatibility by conversation details.

    Company Information

    Clicking the "Company" tab gives the user information on
    • Company logo
    • Company website
    • Company social media handles
    • Company location
    • Company category
    • Money raised
    • Tags that Drift has given
    • Small blurb about the company

    Side note: if you already know this information you can hide it.

    Some Other Cool Features:

    The user is able to see what segments the customer is involved in. This helps the user to know what actions the contact has taken to optimize the users actions.

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