How to Create a Contact Segment

Drift Segments allows you to filter contacts based on attributes and events, so you can provide the best buying experience for your prospects. Some common use cases include:

  • Target a contact segment with a playbook
  • Retarget a segment of contacts who engaged with a playbook, but never booked a meeting
  • Enroll a contact segment in an email sequence
  • Hide Drift from a segment of contacts

Dynamic vs Static Segments

In Drift, there are two types of segments:

1. Dynamic Segments update over time, adding new contacts that match your filter and removing contacts that no longer meet the filter. For example, if your segment has the filter "Lead Stage is known", any contact that has a Lead Stage will be added to the segment. Dynamic segments are great for automating workflows.

2. Static Segments are snapshots of your contacts based on the filters you've applied. These don't update over time.

Create a Segment

Let's create a segment for all contacts who engaged with a playbook, but did not book a meeting, OR CQL Score is 3.

1. Start by going to the Contacts page in Drift and click Create Filter

There are a couple options to choose from. The most popular are Attributes and Playbook events.

2. Let's start with the playbook event. We want users who gave us an email, but never booked a meeting:

3. Next, I want to also include contacts who's CQL Score is 3. CQL Score is an Attribute.

Because I wanted the CQL Score filter to live separately from the playbooks, I used a new Filter Group. Groups offer high levels of flexibility, allowing you to create powerful segments with granularity.

Finally, save your segment as a Dynamic or Static segment, and give it a name! 

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