Can I Merge Two Drift Accounts Together?

Creating a free Drift account can be an exciting and fun way to test out the platform before your company signs onto a bigger company plan. But sometimes when your company does create their own company Drift account, you're unable to be invited into that new account because you've already created an account! 

So can we merge those two Drift accounts together? 

In short, no. 🙈 We currently dont have the functionality to merge two separate Drift accounts together into one. 

So what is the workaround here? 

Not to worry! You wont be locked out of your company account forever! You can always reach out to us and ask for your free account to be deleted so you can join your company team! 

It's a super quick process and then you can get to qualifying and capturing leads with your company! 

P.S: You can only have one email associated with ONE Drift account. If you are looking to create multiple Drift accounts, they all need to be under different emails. 

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