Associate Leads or Contacts with a Salesforce Campaign

Looking to associate Leads or Contacts with a Salesforce Campaign? This document is for you! 

We'll cover...

  1. Setting up Drift to associate new contacts/leads with a default Salesforce Campaign
  2. Setting up Playbook-specific campaign attribution

Setting up Drift to attribute to a default Salesforce Campaign 

First, head over to your Salesforce settings within Drift! 

Then find the Sync Settings

You can associate Leads and/or Contacts with a Salesforce Campaign under the Advanced Settings for each type of record. 

Below the "Set Lead Ownership" options, you can find a search bar for your Salesforce Campaigns. 

If you would like all leads/contacts captured through Drift to attribute to a single campaign in SFDC, this is all you need to set up!

We recommend setting up a default campaign within these settings as a catch-all for your Drift leads. That way, if you ever forget to set a campaign at the Playbook level, you'll still get some attribution on the Salesforce side!

Setting up Playbook-Specific Campaign Attribution

This setting is specifically tailored to companies using multiple campaigns to track inbound leads!

Now, in any bot Playbook, you can attribute all new contacts/leads with a specific Campaign from your Salesforce instance. 

Simply go into the desired Playbook, click "Settings" in the left sidebar and you'll see a new space to attribute to a campaign! Type your existing campaign into the text field or select from the drop down! 

You will need to select an existing campaign from the list. You can not create a new campaign from this screen.

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