How to Add Users to your Team

In this doc you will find resources to:

  • How to invite your teammates
  • Setting User vs. Admin Roles
  • Using User Logs
  • Removing Users

Adding a team member/user to your Drift account is a quick 2-step process!

1. Head to your Users list in Team Settings (Settings > Team Settings > Users).


2. Click the Invite Users button and type your teammate's email address.

They’ll then get an email inviting them to join your team. Check out the beginning of The Ultimate Starter Guide for Sales Teams to see what the invitation email and onboarding looks like :-) 

User vs. Admin Roles

When you are inviting your team members, you can now assign them as an administrator or a user. You can learn more about those roles here

User Logs

You might have also noticed the View User Log link under "Manage Users". Here you can view User Activity, including when they have set themselves to Available and Away. This is a good way to track when your Users have been successfully added to your Account and also logged into Drift and active at the right times of day. 

Invite the Wrong User? 

Check out our other doc on How to Delete a User From Your Team!

If you are unable to invite a user from this flow, they may have signed themselves up for a free account. Just chat in to us - we can help!

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