Account Segmentation

Drift ABM allows organizations to target their list of accounts with Welcome Message playbooks sent from the rep.

Until recently, when adding accounts to Drift, you could either set them as targeted accounts or not. 

Now you can segment account's by specific filters and further customize account based marketing efforts across your site. 

A few things to note before segmenting your accounts:

Once you have a full list of accounts in your Accounts Section with the right properties, you're ready to create specific segments. 

Here's how it works:

First, head over to your Accounts Section within Drift. 

Next, find the Filter Accounts button on the righthand side. 

Here you can filter by existing properties or create your own. 

There are a few different options when it comes to adding filters to your account lists:

  1. Select this option to add multiple filters. For example, Bailey's accounts that are also located in the UK. 
  2. A New Group button provides flexibility when using more than one filter. For example, Bailey's accounts that are in the UK OR Andrews accounts in the UK. 
  3. Here is where you can change the AND/OR logic within your segment. 
  4. Finally, the Save as Segment button is, of course, where you can proceed to name and save the segmented list of accounts. 

When saving your segment, you can choose between a Dynamic or Static Segment. 

Dynamic segments will grow as you add more accounts that match your filter criteria. 

Static segments will stay the same and only include the accounts that matched your filter criteria. 

Boom! Your Account segment now exists. 

How to use your segment:

Account Segments created in Drift can be used customize playbook and pop over message targeting. 

In the Targeting section of the playbook editor, find the Audience option. 

Here, you can select the Accounts tab to choose from your account segments. 

The ABM Welcome Message defaults to display to all targeted accounts and will not respect segments


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